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  • High-resolution thermal imaging from -20˚C to 1500˚C through 464 x 348 pixel sensor
  • Auto-rotating optical block with vibrant 4” colour touch screen visible from 180˚
  • Laser distance and area measurement plus AutoCal™ interchangeable lenses

See absolutely everything in your thermal surveys with the FLIR T540, a professional-grade thermal camera packed with functionality.

The upgraded, improved version of the FLIR T530 thermal camera, this model boasts even higher resolution than the T530, ensuring all of your captured thermal images have drastically enhanced levels of detail.

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Product Description

The FLIR T540 Professional Thermal Imaging Camera is designed for thermographers and IR service consultants working in power generation, electrical distribution or manufacturing. The thermal sensor had a resolution of 464 x 348 pixels, a temperature range of -20˚C to 1500˚C and thermal sensitivity of 30mK (±0.03˚C) thus allowing extremely clear thermal images and video over a very wide range.

The new FLIR T500-Series has the features professionals need to accurately troubleshoot hot spots and potential faults. With the 180° rotating lens platform and a bright 4” LCD, FLIR T530/T540 cameras are engineered to help users diagnose hard-to-reach components in any environment. Advanced on-camera measurement tools, laser-assisted autofocus, and FLIR’s industry-leading image quality ensure you’ll find and diagnose problems quickly.

With the power of the T540, you’ll never miss an issue with thermal again – whether you’re looking for overheating components, mechanical failures or anything else in between, the T540 thermal camera includes everything you need for capturing excellent quality thermal images and producing detailed thermal reports afterwards.

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Infrared (IR) Resolution: 464 x 248 pixels (161,472 total)
UltraMax Resolution: 645,888 effective pixels
Object Temperature Range:
-20 to 120°C (-4 to 248°F)
0 to 650°C (32 to 1202°F)
300 to 1500°C (572 to 2732°F)
Digital Zoom: 1-6x continuous

Common Features
Detector Type and Pitch: Uncooled microbolometer, 17μm
Thermal Sensitivity/NETD: <30mK @30°C (42° lens)
Spectral Range: 7.5 to 14.0μm
Image Frequency: 30Hz
Lens Identification: Automatic
42° Lens:f/1.2
24° Lens:f/1.3
14° Lens:f/1.5
Focus: Continuous with laser distance meter (LDM), one-shot LDM, one-shot contrast, manual
Minimum Focus Distance:
42° Lens: 0.15m
24° Lens – 0.15m optional macro mode
14° lens – 1.0m
Macro Mode: 24° lens option: 71μm effective spot size
Programmable Buttons: 2

Image Presentation and Modes
Display: 4 inch, 640 x 480 pixel touchscreen LCD with auto rotation
Digital Camera: 5MP, with built-in LED photo and video lamp
Colour Palettes: Iron, Grey, Rainbow, Arctic, Lava and Rainbow High Contrast
Image Modes: Infrared, Visual, MSX, Picture-in-Picture
Picture-in-Picture: Resizable and moveable
UltraMax: Quadruples pixel count; activated in menu and processed in FLIR Tools
Measurement and Analysis
Accuracy: ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading
Spotmeter and Area: 3 ea. in live mode
Measurement Presets: No measurement, centre spot, hot spot, cold spot, User Preset 1, User Preset 2
Laser Pointer: Yes
Laser Distance Meter: Yes, dedicated button

Voice: 60 seconds. Recording added to still images or video via built-in mic (has speaker) or via Bluetooth
Text: Predefined list or touchscreen keyboard
Image Sketch: From touchscreen, on infrared image only
Distance, Area Measurement: Yes, calculates area inside measurement box in m² or ft²
GPS: Automatic imaging tagging

Image Storage
Storage Media: Removable SD card
Image File Format: Standard JPEG with measurement data included
Time Lapse (Infrared): 10 seconds to 24 hours
Video Recording and Streaming
Radiometric IR Video Recording: Real-time radiometric recording (.csq)
Non-Radiometric IR or Visual Video: H.264 to memory card
Radiometric IR Video Streaming: Yes, over UVC and WiFi
Non-Radiometric IR Video Streaming:
H.264 or MPEG-4 over WiFI
MJPEG over UVC or Wifi
Communication Interfaces: USB 2.0, Bluetooth, WiFi
Video Out: Display Port over USB Type-C

Additional Specifications
Battery Type: Lithium-ion rechargeable, charged in camera or on separate charger
Battery Operating Time: Approx 4 hours at 25°C ambient temperature and typical use
Operating Temperature Range: -15 to 50°C (5 to 122°F)
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F)
IEC 60068-2-6
Safety: EN/UL/CSA/PSE 60950-1
Weight (no lens): 1.3kg (2.9lbs)
Dimensions (no lens): 140 x 201 x 84mm (5.5 x 7.9 x 3.3 inches)